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Team DeMarini Mentality


Team DeMarini Baseball BBCOR mentality leads to fundamentals the can be instructed and learned. Various techniques can be practiced and aquired. There's a certain quality in a layer that cannot be acquired, regardless of how much you train. It's the dedication that wakes you up at the crack of dawn to get in the cage. It's gritting your teeth each time you step in the box. It's the sweet, the spit, the blood, and the tears that drive you succeed at all costs. Here at DeMarini, we know that being hardcore is flowing through your veins. Either you have it or you don't. Just like you, DeMarini was born hardcore. In every part of every product we create is an insane dedication to performance. That obsession to give every player an edge is what fuels us to keep raising the bar. BBCOR Baseball players require superior baseball bat performance from DeMarini Baseball. Now baseball, fastpitch and slowpitch players can expect excellence in baseball field clothing, as well. High-tech baseball fabrics and expert, baseball field ready designs show the insane dedication to DeMarini baseball BBCOR performance we put into our new baseball appearel collection.