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5 Tips for hitting to the opposite field with DeMarini White Steel


demarini-white-steel.pngHitting to the opposite field with the DeMarini White Steel bat has many advantages and is a skill that can be improved on by focusing on a few key areas. Going the other way also creates more difficulties for the other team. By doing this, the defense is forced to spread the defensive alignment evenly. This makes for more holes and open space to hit the ball. The fielding team always keeps in mind the hitting tendencies of the batter. If a hitter can hit to all fields, the other team will have a tougher time guessing where the ball will be hit. 

First, get comfortable hitting to the opposite field. Before you’re in a game situation make sure you’re comfortable hitting the other way. Many major leaguers like Vladimir Guerrero start their daily pregame hitting practice by hitting exclusively to the opposite field. It’s likely that most slowpitch players swinging the DeMarini White Steel bat like pulling the ball and aren’t comfortable hitting the other way, but with enough practice anyone can pick up the skill and be confident when the outside pitches arrives.

Second, when trying to hit to a certain part of the filed with the DeMarini White Steel bat, it helps to know the pitchers tendencies.   Do they typically pitch, fastballs, curveballs, change-ups? Having an idea before you step up to the plate will give you a better idea of your best approach. If the pitcher has consistently been running the ball inside, you’ll know to be patient and wait for your pitch. Regardless of the situation, knowing the pitcher’s tendencies will help your approach and give you more confidence at the plate.  

Third, close your stance a little. This will allow the batter a wait a split second longer to swing. It also helps to let the ball travel further in the zone. By doing this you can extend your arms and drive the ball to the opposite field with the DeMarini White Steel Bat. In that extra moment the ball can travel further into the hitting zone. Just keep in mind that closing your stance too much might tip off the pitcher or catcher. If it is apparent that you are trying to go the other way, they might then try to pitch you inside. If this happens, having a good inside out swing will help.

Forth, a good inside out swing with the DeMarini White Steel bat will allow you to slap hits to the opposite field. This swinging motion starts by throwing your hands a little earlier than usual. These actions will the delay the barrelhead a split second causing you to hit the other way. Timing is more key in this case, but with practice, this is a very effective approach and can improve your all around hitting game.

Fifth, always be balanced. When swinging the DeMarini White steel bat it is important to be balanced at the plate. This is especially true when hitting to the opposite field. Whether bunting, hitting line drives, or powering the ball over the fence balance and timing is key. Being balanced and will allow the batter to hit the ball squarely in any hitting situation especially when hitting the other way. For more information about White Steel bats click here: .