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DeMarini White Steel Bat Review


DeMarini White Steel Slowpitch Softballdemarini-white-steel-pic.jpg

DeMarini is bringing back one of their most popular bats ever, the White Steel. The White Steel reviews of this great looking stick can be found for well under $199. With this bat softball players can improve their game immediately after taking swings with this all steel bat.   This bat can be taken to any slowpitch game and is good for all levels. Being the flagship steel bat on the market and has with stood the text of time.

White Steel Bat: Features and Reviews

Bat Reviews: The DeMarini White Steel Slowpitch softball bat was the first of its kind. Through today it still is a one of kind bat on the slowpitch market. DeMarini was the first to bring steel into play by creating the white steel bat. With this revolutionary new bat DeMarini was able to create a top reforming single-wall barrel out of Demarini’s Steel 01. The White Steel bat reviews is designed to include a Flex-Tuned C6 composite handle. This can help maximize performance by adding a little extra flex for more pop. Included is DeMarini’s half & half system. This redistributes the weight to maximize balance. Softball players are able to swing their bat fast without as much effort. The half & half technology ultimately gives the batter more power. More power at the plate means more hits, more runs, more wins! With a redesigned and improved n2m cap, this helps limit vibration and makes for an easer swing and less vibrating. The handle is lined with a natural feeing politick grip. The more comfortable a batter is at the plate, the better their swing will be.   This also adds to control. Recently added was the rotation index. With accurate rotation you will be able to break in your bat evenly. By meeting 1.2 BPF standard this bat will pass the approval for any league. Approved by ASA, USSSA, ISA, and NSA so you can take it anywhere.

DeMarini White Steel Softball bat Sizes 

The DeMarini White Steel is the standard 34” long. It is available in 26 oz., 28 oz., and for the heavy swingers 30 oz. If you use this bat we at would love to hear what you think. Feel free to leave your opinion.

What Does DeMarini Think?

Team DeMarini slow pitch softball ideals gives way to the great fundamentals that can be taught and learned. Numerous techniques can be trained and acquired. It’s the specific qualities in the sole that cannot be acquired, despite how much you try. It’s that deep down desire that gets you up at daybreak and on to the field. It’s the dripping sweat, the blood, spit, and tears that gets you to success at any cost. At DeMarini, we are aware that to be hardcore, you must have it guiding through you veins. It’s there, or it’s not. And like you, DeMarini was born hardcore. Every aspect of all products is created with that same dedication to great performance. This dedication helps give each player the edge. This what fuels DeMarini and helps you raise the bar. DeMarini slowpitch players demand superior performance from their softball bats. Now they look forward to that experience, not just in bats, but also on and off the filed clothing as well. Look for high-tech apparel coming soon! DeMarini insane dedication to performance!

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