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DeMarini VX2 Softball Bats


DeMarini has unleashed without a doubt one of their hottest USSSA bats of all time, the VX2. This beast comes at a premium price and is well worth the extra cost. This composite greatness can be found for around $299.99. With this bat softball enthusiasts can boost their game immediately after taking hacks using this type of composite stick. A bat of this caliber can only be swung at approved venues and events. So check your league and venue regulations before releasing this beast. The VX2 is making its way down from Canada and is ready to cause havoc. So, if you see a stealth bat hitting bombs, you know where it came from.

Features of the DeMarini USSSA VX2

The DeMarini USSSA VX2 Slowpitchbat gives any player the ability to leave the yard. Today it is one of the hottest bats you can buy in the slowpitch softball marketplace. Brought to you by Team DeMarini and the great nation of Canada. This type of progressive new bat is approved for USSSA, and NSA play. So, if you’re league or upcoming tournament plays at a professional level then you know you’ll be bringing you’re “A” game. The SC4 handle has is one of the stiffest ever designed and made by DeMarini. The handle is laced with a hybrid comfort grip which is a 2-piece designed grip built for maximum feel and hold. No need for pine tar as your hands will easily mold to the handle. Moving on up is the composite barrel. This is designed for maximum stiffness to hit bombs in any direction you choose. Finishing off the barrel is the dish end cap. This will help drive the energy to the sweet spot and power softballs out of any yard. The half & half technology truly gives the hitter a lot more power. More effectiveness at the plate leads to additional hits, a lot more runs, and a lot more victories! The more relaxed a batter is at the plate, the greater their cuts might be. This adds to command. Freshly added has been the rotation index. With precise turn it will be easy to break in your stick evenly.

VX2 USSSA Bat Dimensions & Weight

The VX2 softball bat is the normal 34” long. It also comes in 26 oz., 27 oz., and 28 oz., If you utilize this bat, we at want to know what you think. Feel free to leave your opinions.

DeMarini Research and Development

Team DeMarini is proud and excited to acknowledge that they have some crazy science guys on their R & D team. One of the reasons for this is their scientist know and understand the physics of a round ball hitting round bat. Which, is one if the toughest tests in all of sports. This understanding allows players to hit 400+ foot bombs. This team hits the grinding stone for months working on and improving each and every product that reaches the market. DeMarini is working hard to help make you better. 

DeMarini Mindset

Team DeMarini slowpitch softball character gives way to the excellent fundamentals which can be showed and realized. Countless systems may be educated and obtained. It’s the particular qualities in the sole that are not attained, despite the amount you might try. It’s the idea deep down and motivation that should get you up at the crack of dawn as well as on to the ball field. It’s the dripping sweat, the blood flow, agony, and tears that get people to triumph no matter what. At team DeMarini, we are conscious that to get hardcore, you have to have it powering through your veins. It’s generally there, or simply it’s not. And as you, DeMarini was developed hardcore. Every single aspect of all things is produced with that similar commitment to great ability. This perseverance helps provide every person the sharp edge. This really is what energizes DeMarini and can help you to enhance your ability. DeMarini softball enthusiasts demand outstanding performance from their softball bats. Currently they look forward to that experience, not simply in bats, but for on and off the field attire as well. Check for high-tech clothing coming soon! DeMarini insane commitment to performance!

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