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Down by 11, no problem!


 Down by Elven, no problem

“Baseball is made for kids, only grown-ups screw it up.” ~ Bob Lemon
The first base side of the bleachers is filled with excited parents. Meanwhile, the third base side is quiet, as parents and families sit glumly staring at the field. When the final out of the inning is made, I ask a kid what the score is. “We’re losing 11 to nothing, he says with a grin.” “And that’s a good thing?” I ask. As he grabs his bat and helmut, he shrugs, “We haven’t had our chance to bat yet!”
This game is great…

Baseball Career Highlight

Career Highlight   My Career highlight, I hesitate to admit, took place when I was 12-years-old, in my last year of little league.  I played for the Valley de Oro Rams.  If I remember correctly, I think we were sponsored by Quality Dairy.  I think our color was purple.  I remember we went undefeated for the season, [...]

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